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Audio & Video Recordings

If you can't see Paddi in person, you might like to purchase a recording of his best presentations to review in your own time.

It's a unique opportunity to share Paddi's philosophy and ideas with your whole team at great value, particularly in that Paddi doesn't travel often to present his story in a public forum.

There are three recordings to choose from, of differing values depdinding on their length, detail & specificity, and media format.

AUD $59.95

The Original Paddi Audio Story - Hear Paddi tell his story in his own words to an enthralled audience. When he first started speaking at events, Paddi didn't use any slides ... just his vivid imagination and unique story telling style. This recording is a perfect introduction to Paddi's philosophy.

Now available on-line or as .mp3 download for iPod!

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AUD $197.00

How to attract and educate a steady stream of ideal clients who readily agree to high-end, $10k+ treatment plans ... in their very first visit to your practice! And are happy to get started that very day!

Audio .MP3s of the Transforming the Experience Workshop that you'd normally invest AUD $2645.00 to attend.

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AUD $197.00

A great way to introduce Paddi's story to your team. Six distinct modules perfect for 1hr 'watch & discuss' meetings with your team. 4 DVD's and over 5hrs of video on Paddi's most important concepts and business systems.

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AUD $549.00

Nearly eight hours of the most intimate secrets of Paddi's extraordinary business success, focussing in-depth on his Referral System and 'Welcome Book' System and how to apply them to your business.

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