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Business, Happiness & Money, Never Mixed ... Until Now!

Dr Paddi Lund has built one of the most 'astonishing businesses on the planet'. Now learn exactly how he did it and why you'll want to follow in his footsteps.

It's unfortunate, but the vast majority of business owners are dissatisfied at best with their businesses, at worst miserable.

It's rare to find people who...
  • Are massively passionate about what they do,
  • Are exhilarated by their work, and,
  • Look forward to Monday morning.

While most people think the purpose of business is to create wealth, Dr Paddi Lund takes a different view: if in fact we're miserable in the process, what's the point of earning the money in the first place?

As far as Paddi's concerned, the real purpose of a business is to add happiness to your life - that without some enjoyment in the process, you just can't keep going with your business for very long, despite the money.

Happiness in Business? What does that mean?

Like the rest of us, Paddi is in business to earn a living. He likes helping people and certainly finds the challenge of business stimulating and interesting. However when Paddi's business made him miserable, he couldn't enjoy the people, the money or the challenge. Before too long, he just couldn't do it any more.

Paddi yearned for the passion and anticipation of spending time at the office that he first had when starting out in business.

After many sleepless nights pondering the problem, Paddi reasoned that he spent most of his waking life in his business, and that he wouldn't get a second chance at the lost time, so he resolved to build his business in a way that would bring him happiness, instead of pain and frustration - including making more than enough money to live comfortably.

In short, Paddi had a vision of a Happiness-Centred Business. As it happens, Happiness in Business turned out to be a very effective business strategy on many fronts!

A Simple Conclusion, but Such a Big Step!

The reality is, unless you enthusiastically look forward to Monday morning - until you look forward to engaging not just your customers, but your team and your suppliers - you have to seriously question the strategy, philosophy and tactics you're following!

The big breakthrough for Paddi was realising that the way he ran his business impacted the happiness of everyone involved. To Paddi, that meant if his business worked well and smoothly, without hassles, everyone was more likely to enjoy being a part of it - including him and importantly his customers.

So transforming his business to strive for his new vision became Paddi's absolute priority. And he started with the parts of his business that gave him his biggest frustrations yet seemed critical to his success.

Dr Paddi Lund's 7 Key Business Frustrations

The core of Paddi's philosophy is this: build your business so that it brings you enjoyment. Create a business that's profitable, but also one you love spending time in and that works with little frustration or emotional pain.

With that, Paddi identified the seven aspects of his business that gave him the biggest challenges, and he applied some of the most remarkable lateral thinking to completely reinvent his business in the process.

#1 ENJOYMENT: The business wasn't working! He had a depressing work life, and the money didn't compensate for the pain! Paddi's Solution...

#2 PEOPLE: His relationship with his staff was pretty poor - infighting, bickering and feuding were eroding productivity. Paddi's Solution...

#3 CREDIBILITY: Customer's lack of faith in his professional expertise inhibited their buying decisions. Paddi's Solution...

#4 SELLING: Paddi hated 'selling' his work, and the sales process was often long and difficult, suffocating his cashflow. Paddi's Solution...

#5 SERVICE: Customer service levels were not good and that reflected in customer loyalty. Paddi's Solution...

#6 MONEY: The more Paddi had to 'sell' patients into the work, the more they seemed to find reasons not to pay the bill! Paddi's accounts receivable was out of control and the stress was keeping him awake at night. Paddi's Solution...

#7 ADVERTISING: Conventional advertising and signage were large investments for unpredictable returns. Paddi's Solution...

End Result: An Enviable Business Position

My team (of people) and I have adopted Paddi's happiness-based business concepts into our chiropractic office.

Everyone is thrilled by the protocol and the team spirit is awesome, which is translating into better service for our patients. We love it!

Kais Faddah DC
Sammamish, Washington USA

After a few years of concentrated effort, Paddi realised his goal. He now has a business that consistently brings him great pleasure, healthy profits and the mental challenges he so enjoys.

The Happiness & Profit Series is the story of Paddi's journey in solving his Key Frustrations and bringing enjoyment back to his work life. Paddi has written about each of his most useful business systems in the areas of marketing, customer service and team harmony.

Now you can benefit from Paddi's years of experience in building a business that is profitable, works smoothly and well, and brings you great pleasure.

Implement Paddi's six systems in your business and build the business of which you've always dreamed.

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