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Your Guides to this story

Just Think of Us as Your Interpreters!

Hi, I'm Fletcher Potanin, Dr Paddi Lund's publisher. Welcome to Solutions Press. It is a pleasure to have you visit. You'll see me at times through the site with personal comments and observations.

I'm Fletcher Potanin, Managing Director of Solutions Press.

I'll be your Primary Guide through this website helping you to learn more about the unusual story of Dr Paddi Lund in Queensland Australia.

For the last decade I've been helping people decipher and implement Paddi's rather different ideas into their businesses for optimum outcomes. I've worked with small business people in direct consultation (you'll find many of the transcripts of my consultations on this site) as well as CEO's of some major organisations.

I've built a training company that helps larger organsiations transform their company culture and hence customer experiece with rather dramatic results, and I've even had the privilege of working very closely with Sir Clive Woodward, World Cup Winning former head coach of the England Rugby team, to help him write the story of his success -- a new book called "Winning!" which is available through this site. (Read the story of my adventures here.)

Paddi and I have been good friends for more than 10 years, ever since Paddi first shared his story in a conference on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee of Australian parents. (I'm the only one here without an Australian accent!) After growing up in Queensland, I returned to the University of Tennessee for my BA in Intn'l Management. I enjoy a good game of basketball and a little hard work on the family farm in the rural outback of Queensland. But what I enjoy most is my passion for promoting humanitarian ideals in business. I believe that what we learn in business can make our lives and hence the world a much better place.

Of course, Paddi's philosophies fit perfectly with my ideal. I hope you enjoy them.

As you visit different parts of this website focussing on Paddi's business ideas, you'll see comments by me from time to time that will help you to understand how Paddi's sometimes "crazy" ideas apply to the rest of the world.

Kind regards,