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More Testimonials about Paddi's publications

This is a new page where we are collecting the nice things people have said over the years. This isn't nearly all of them from our archives - there literally are hundreds - but it is a good reflection of how much people genuinely enjoy Paddi's stories.

Annette in Arizona, USA...

The very first day that I implemented some of his ideas, hastily, and in fear my Team would think that I had gone absolutely crazy....the material I bought from Paddi paid for itself. I listened carefully to the client's problems, worries and concerns, showed her how my services could solve those problems, relieve those worries and address those concerns, confidently quoted a fee that was fair to us both in view of the value I would be providing, and she wrote me a check, without hesitation, without having to "think" about it. She came with a friend, and when I knocked on the door, I could hear them giggling inside. Giggling! Not something you expect to hear in a law office. It was a wonderful experience. Paddi Lund really is increasing the sum total of happiness in the world.

Annette L. Gerhardt
Gerhardt Law Office, PLC

And then this a few months later...

We just got the hard copies of our Welcome Book back from the printer today. After our existing Client Family, I am going to send them out to other referral sources in our community. It is my hope that over time, I too will be able to stop advertising and trolling for referrals from outside sources, and be able to rely solely on client referrals to build my Client Family. We will see! Maybe I will have a stampede of new clients head in my direction from asking clients for referrals! :)

Annette L. Gerhardt
Gerhardt Law Office, PLC

Jeremy in West Sussex, UK...

Our financial planning business based in the UK uses all of your's and Paddi's material constantly.

You may also be interested to know that I am Chair of Governors at our local state primary school. I have introduced Paddi's way of thinking to the school and it has had a wonderful effect.

Thanks for all the gems!

Jeremy Glynne-Jones

Pavandeep in Doncaster South Yorkshire, UK

Dear Fletcher, Paddi and family,

Warm wishes and blessings to all of you. My wife and I are both dentists in the Uk, iin fact, we're in Yorkshire, so not too far from Paddi's old stomping grounds! Ravinder and I have been married for nearly 4 years and look forward to many more. We ordered Paddi's series on happiness last year, but have only just started to implement aspects of it. I just thought I'd let you know how things are going. I purchased a private practice about 18 months ago. Overheads are high and profits are slim, but we're still here. I decided my goal was to be happy at work and earn a good income. I've deliberately been different in my thought process and tried to think outside of the box. I just thought You'd like to know what I'm planning on doing. You must hear often "I wish I had a practice like yours". Well, you won't hear that from me!! I love what you've done and respect it immensely but I have my own path to lead and how could I be happy with the practice of somebody elses dream?!

We're in the process of constructing our welcome book, and it will solve a lot of our problems. I have 2 TV's in our lounge where we play BBC news 24 and a dental education channel on the other. Well, I'm getting rid of the dental education one as I'll be educating the patients my way not what someone else thinks is right. The other, well, news. Its kinda bland!! I had a cancellation the other day and sat upstairs in the lounge and I got bored very quickly!! We've now decided to play comedy and classic films while customers wait!! Tommy Cooper, Fawlty Towers, Morcambe and Wise and offer pop corn. How's that for a super CNe?! We're also having practice brochures made on cd, and the music I plan on playing over the top will be Bobby Mcferrin "Don't worry, be happy". If I'm teaching my patients to be happy, I think its rather fitting.

I'm also going to put up some of my favourtie film posters, being the film fanatic that I am. Shawshank Redemption, Godfather and a few others. I want customers to see a part of me so they feel they are being treated by a human rather than an automoton. I've also mentioned in our welcome book that we are all human and if we do something to upset our customers that they give us a chance to correct our mistake.

I'm really excited about the changes and look forward to them. I want to be happy at home and at work, and I want only A customers. I will get there, it'll just take time, but I'll keep you posted

Love and respect

From your extended dental family member


Pavandeep Khaira
Red Sky Denta Spa

Marilyn in Christchurch, New Zealand

My husband, Ken, is a master manufacturing jeweller. Three years ago we closed our store in town and decided to work from home in a studio.

Before we opened our studio, we had read about Paddi's style in a magazine clip a consultant introduced us to. It came at the right time and the idea was so appealing as we really wanted to put our heart and soul into this new concept.

We have purchased all of Paddis books. This was the best thing our consultant had offered us so we were able to open the studio using a lot of Paddis ideas.

The studio opened with great enthusiasm!!! We had a good database, and a lot of our customers followed us to the studio.

The studio is stylish comfortable and pretty, but not luxurious. French doors open out onto our back yard which is landscaped in Italian style. The style of customer service is intimate.

  • Customers phone for an appointment (although a lot of familiar customers just turn up now).
  • If the appointment has been made we have a welcome sign at the door saying, "WELCOME Tom and Jane".
  • On arrival customers are offered hand made good quality chocolates, then coffee from our expresso machine, iced water, juice/tea.
  • Clients are directed to comfortable style chairs and a large coffee table where the consulting takes place.
  • After the purchase customers are happy and trusting and pay on delivery of their items.
  • A week later they recieve a calligraphy letter in the post, wrapped in a bow and another fancy paper inside with "Thank You" on it.

Our customers are always delighted with the product they recieve as it is of a high quality, hand made, and Ken goes to all pains to make sure his customers are totally happy.

And we get a lot of referrals from friends or relatives!

We just love our little business. 99% of our customers are pleasant and a joy to serve. We get so much pleasure out of it now.


Marilyn & Ken Blair
Master Manufacturing Jeweller
Christchurch, New Zealand

John in Manchester, England

I have finished reading Paddi's books and I thought they were fantastic!

We're only a small business and as such have had a "happiness centred" focus right from the beginning. But it was good to read how somebody else has achieved what we're aiming for. And it reminded me that fun, not cash, is the real king.

It's easy to get bogged down with profit targets and sales forecasts and lose sight of the real goal; a job that feels more like play than work.

As for his advice on Critical Non-Essentials, we're not doing anything like that at the moment. And I don't know why not!

It makes so much sense and we plan to start creating our own CNe's right away. We've already started sending out boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates and hand-written thank you cards with the invoices.

And people are sending us letters of thanks. For sending them invoices! We're brainstorming other ideas as a team right now and are sure that this is going to be a new focus for our little business.

John Davidson
Street Scape Design (A very fun website!)
Manchester, England

Mark in Tokyo, Japan

The Best Business Book I Have Ever Read

Of all the books I've read in my career, Paddi's book in particular has left a striking impression on me because it's basic premise is so ridiculously obvious and simple. "I discover I had sacrificed happiness, to earn money - that bought less happiness than I had sacrificed."

I found it fascinating (and funny) - it is way beyond some kind of "happy-dippy touchy-feely" book. In pursuit of that (very profitable) happiness goal he's gone where few dentists dare to go!!

A truly marvelous and inspiring read for any small business owners or consultants who see a link between their happiness and business success. There is much to chew over here and then adapt to your own circumstances and desires. Certainly, give some time and thought to how Paddi's basic premise applies in your life or career. It has strongly affected mine.

Check out Paddi's book because it will require both real leadership for most of his ideas to work within teams in the corporate environment. If the Team leader has "no clue" then many "self-aware" team members will eventually walk, though some will just tune out. And in the business downturn (or worse) that the US, UK and other countries are now experiencing, you are going to need every positive business advantage that is legally available!

- Mark McClure
Mark McClure Today
Mid-Career Coach

Olivia in Galway, Ireland...

Just a quick note to say,

For the first time in ages a business book has inspired me!

I've booked the painter, picked the new wallpaper and spent the weekend putting colourful plants in a opt for outside our door!

I have referred a number of people to Paddi's book. (Critical Non-Essentials)

Thanks so much for the fantastic customer service,

Olivia Collins
Those Two Girls
Public Relations

Mike and Hayley in Bristol, UK...

Dear Dr Paddi Lund and Team,

I just want to say thanks for writing such a great book (The CNe's). Not only is it packed with valuable info, it's also really well written and entertaining to read.

We at Street Dance courses for adults in the UK are definitely applying much of what we have read to our business.

Keep up the good work and we will certainly be buying more of our books in the near future and are always telling others about the "Paddi Lund" story.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Mike Hall & Hayley Williams

Fresh Vibes
Streetdance Courses for everyone!

From Geoff in Lancashire UK...

Whenever I recommend your book to anyone, and I do it probably once a week on average, I always tell them that when they place their order with you on-line they will begin a chain of events that will become a memorable and rewarding purchasing experience. It's the best I've experienced.

Good job and thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


Geoff Balfour MBA DipM
SPS Business Initiatives Ltd

From Howard in Salisbury UK...

Thank you for all your e-mails providing further insights into Paddi's extraordinary ideas.

Finding you guys has been like coming home - it has been so refreshing to discover someone else who has the same vision. The added bonus is receiving a flood of new ways of adding to what we are already doing. I feel very grateful to Paddi for going on ahead into uncharted territory and so saving us a lot of time and trouble.

There is something about your philosophy which compels me to become involved - I guess it stems from a sense of belonging. I am strongly recommending you to people who I feel will get the message.

Kind regards,

Howard Taylor
Salisbury, UK

From Kevin in Northants UK...

I rarely write to people these days but I felt implored to pen this email to thank you for your fulfilling and sending my order and then following up my order in such a professional manner.

I'm was a little wary of internet purchasing but both of you and the organisation deserve full credit for the way and timeframe with which my book was dispatched and the correspondence which arrived with it and after a fantastic service and customer facing service which you all should be very proud and to the point where you have restored my faith in the internet and in direct personal contact and business relationships.

I am currently enjoying reading Paddy's book just as much as I have reading your letters so thank you again for your efforts - they are very much appreciated and I'm guessing your fabulous approach was and is based on Paddi's book itself.

Thank you again for your help and attention and please carry on the good work that you do.



PS. Please pass on my thanks to Paddy - the book has changed my personal, business and football coaching perspectives!

Kevin Shoemake
Sales Manager

From Mark in Cardiff, Wales...

I am just finishing the final of the six books and am bowled over at how easy they are to read. I am noting the two or three main points from each book, and the team and I are going to start implementing them for the start of our next three year business plan.

We have started grading the patients into A,B,C,D's and are going to discuss the developement of CNe's to improve the patient journey. We're having a harder time thinking of effective Super CNe's to fit our team - but we are only a month in!

I think Paddi certainly does not fit into the normal range of a dentist and that's a compliment. I delighted these ideas have worked for him - we just need to cherry pick the great ideas that can be implemented in our practice.

Of all the management books, advisers that I have read/experienced Paddi is the most refreshing as it's personal and from the coal face.

Speak soon - I have another patient to go and make happier!!


Mark Hill
Churchill Way Dental Practice
Cardiff, Wales

From June in the Australian Capital Territory...

Thank you for sending us the Critical Non-Essentials!

I love the book and how easy it is to read. Our clinic is having a day to do some work on our business and our focus will be on developing our "Avoiding Average Program" and of course, Paddi's book is a large resource for us.

We need some more copies please so each team member has their own!

Warmest wishes

June Copeman
The Foot Clinic
Australian Capital Territory

From Gary in Somerset UK...

Dear Loretta,

I have recently ordered and received my Paddi Package. I am like a small child at Christmas not knowing which of the goodies to play with first!

It is very easy to complain when services do not reach the expectation we have of them and much more difficult to take the time to thank people of the obvious extra time and effort they take to go that little bit further.

The purpose of this communication is to thank all of you at Solutions Press for your excellent and kind service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your material, not only for its content but also for the quality of the service.

You have never met me and in all honesty are unlikely ever to but I feel as though you care about what you do and who you deal with.

Wishing you all a good day.

Thank you

Gary Irvine

Penn Hill Dental Practice
Yeovil, Somerset, England

From Martin in Cornwall UK...

Hearing Paddi all those years ago was a Damascus Moment for me. I subsequently designed my new practice, Waterside Dental Care using many of the ideas I learnt from Paddi, especially the business systems. We still use the Courtesy System today!

The Waterside practice won Dental practice of the year in the UK in 2001 and this year we have been voted "Most Preventive Practice in England".

Waterside now grosses vastly more than I ever thought possible, with me as the only dentist - I work only 24hrs per week and have succeeded in blurring the barriers between work and play.

I really look forward to going to work and everyone in my team is incredibly happy and fulfilled.

I have shown over 100 dentists round Waterside and run seminars on the way I run the business, called "Experience the Concept"!

Thanks Paddi!!

Kind regards,

Martin Wills
Cornwall, UK

From Joe in Ohio...

Hi Loretta

Just had to let you know that I am very "into" Paddis insights.....when I came to the states from Australia I brought with me a philosophy of doing business very similar to Paddi's. I have worked in several fields over here and have always had the same way of doing business (whether as self employed or when working for someone else). The notion of a happiness driven business and happy and empowered teams has always been a notion close to my heart and as such I have been doing many of the things that Paddi has done and it was like a ray of sunshine to finally find someone else who was on the very same page.

I enjoy his insights immensly and in my current business (personal training) I have a referral only business and there are trainers who are "care-trainers" - when people knock on my door and say they want to join my gym - for the last 5 years I have told them they can't.

This kind of work is so important for everyone - I read the book "Winning" by Clive Woodward and being a rugby player myself I immediately saw the connection in Paddis ideas. I have a business family and I plan to adopt many of the customer service ideas in Paddi's books.

I appreciate the very personal approach that always accompanies any purchase I make. It is very impressive and I have already recommended you to a major hospital here - they ordered the book and they want to move in the same direction. I hope it brings some work/sales your way.

All I can say is I love having this connection and keep up the great work!

Joe Macgowan
"Live By Design Not By Default"
Ohio, USA

From Andrew in the Netherlands...


As a quick note I must say that the last 3 - 4 months have been a life changing experience thanks to Paddi and his books. I started to read Clive Woodwards "Winning book" as recommended by a managers course I attended.

Since then I have started to make significant life changes both at work and home. The words "thankyou" are not enough to express my hart felt gratitude to Paddi and your team for helping me learn (or relearn) common sense courtesy and the human touch. Which seems to get lost in our "intelligent" world.

I loved the way that the books were packed and the letters that were sent as a follow up. It bought a smile to our faces.

All the very best to you and the team at Solutions Press (of course also Paddi). I will keep in touch to let you know how things are going.

Andrew Sayers
"Very Happy Customer"

Directorate of the Scientific Programme
European Space Research and Technology Centre

From Kim in Texas...

Dear Paddi,

Your books are amazing! I've known that for years. What I didn't know was how much more powerful they became after having seen your live presentation.

As a business coach who works with business owners, many of them who have ongoing team issues, I now have numerous tools to apply to my client's businesses and my own business.

Your presentation was incredibly insightful, immensely entertaining, thought provoking and fun. The mileage I plan to get out of the Fred and Ginger slide alone will keep you and your programs top of mind. Thank you Paddi for sharing your stories in such a delightful, inspiring fashion.

Kim Jaggard
"Team Lone Star" Action Business Coaching
Calgary and Austin, Texas, USA

From Howard in Salisbury UK...

Dear Paddi

I recently bought a few of your books and CDs. Am just finishing Building the Happiness-Centred Business and have also enjoyed the CDs. Looking forward to the other two books.

It has been so exciting to listen to you speak and read your thoughts. It has crystallised a lot of what I've been doing in my practice over the last few years. I'm looking forward to adding some of your ideas to the way we do things. It is one thing to have a gift like yours and another to take the trouble to share it with others. Well done and thank you.

I did notice an interesting opportunity to make your outstanding book even better. On page 119 you discuss the challenge of implementing Performance Standard 8. I thought changing the text in the ensuing paragraphs to make the words difficult, negative, hard, problem (!), negativity, avoid, bad, harder, prurient, murder, mayhem, threaten, paranoid and suspicious more positive would better serve the excellent point you are making about the power of positive language. Actually, when I read these paragraphs, I thought you were joking but don't think you were.

Thank you again. Your book is one of the warmest and most inspiring I have ever read. Truly life-changing.

Kind regards,

Howard Taylor

Howard Taylor BVSc MRCVS
The Vets, Salisbury, UK

From James in Adelaide, South Australia...

I have just purchased the Happiness & Profit Series and, as I am sure as so many others have told you, they have struck a chord with my business, physiotherapy. The books Paddi has written have inspired me in my quest to change the archaic "rules" of how to run a health care clinic as a business, and yet remain true to the reason I chose my profession: to make a difference to peoples' lives.


James Schomburgk
Adeliade, South Australia

From Alejandra in Mexico...

I've finally had the time to read the book and I have to tell you, it's the most applicable book I've ever read.

Of all the marketing, business, human resources books I have, this one goes to the root of success: "The company's team members" all of them.

Congratulations for your system, it feels REAL.

Alejandra Barrientos
Brand Executive
Xel-He Park
Riviera Maya, Mexico

From Charles in London...

As I was reading the book, I kept thinking to myself: "I could have written this book!" Almost everything Paddi talks about I have tried to do in my own practice for the past 20 years ... and Paddi has captured it all so beautifully. I congratulate you Paddi for all your efforts. Stay healthy and enjoy life!!!

Dr Charles Ferber
London, England

From Penny in Melbourne...

Listen to this! My Patient who I gave Paddi's book to came in today. You may remember that she is an anaesthetist.

She came in saying how much she enjoyed Paddi's book, and that she thinks it's one of the best books she has ever read. But get this, she is making everybody in the operating theatre use the Courtesy System (including the surgeons!) and guess what? She says there are less squabbles and that generally everyone is happier!!!

Please pass this on to Paddi as I think it is great!



Walpole Chiropractic
Melbourne, Victoria

From Sean in North Yorkshire, UK...

Thank you for such a prompt and efficient service in getting the book and articles across the world to me, this is much appreciated.

Having read the book, I would offer the following comments :-

  • I really enjoyed the informality of the book - It was refreshing not to be faced with a technical psuedo psychology type text book.

  • The principles outlined when used are fundamentally enpowering ......not only to oneself but also to all recipients. Actually thinking about being courteous with people also improves the pace of communcation and I have found myself analysing my own and others behaviour - and am still shocked by the level of negativity and the draining effect this has - but which I now feel comfortable in challenging and re-framing.

  • I have no doubt that the book has enabled me to extend my thinking and my behaviour and has enabled me to review what is truly important to me in the way I live my life, how I priorise, and how I view myself and my environment.

  • Although I have always enjoyed my work and maintained a fantastic work life balance, I have been able to build into my work the objective of being more courteous, happy and celebrating the success of projects and work I am involved in or leading and managing. The effect for me and also for colleagues and various stakeholders has been illuminating, very empowering and yes I am happier.

Finally - in writing this e-mail I am reminded again to pick up the book and re-read it and so thank you again for your contact and your insight!

Yours sincerely,

Sean McEneany
Bedale, North Yorkshire, UK

From Kirsten in Belgium...

I never thought it was possible to be a dentist and happy at the same time, but my friend Ken Bevan from Wales, UK sent me to Paddi's conference in London September last year.

Now in my practice I have mainly clients that I like : elder people, who can come when I want them to come (that is during school hours). I take my time to make them good dentures, and they don't mind me being slow. I'm happy, they're happy and they keep referring their friends and neighbours. The only problem is, expectations are getting higher and higher!

Thank you for sending your happiness ideas to Belgium.

Kirsten Grauwels
Meerdonk, Belgium

From Robert in Birmingham, UK...

Thank you for all that your company have done for me.

I have an orthodontic practice in Birmingham UK and found out about Paddi Lund while reading Clive Woodward's book which was given to me at Christmas. I read the Happiness Centred Business and loved it.

I would just like to say how wonderful the packages are and how Paddi's ideas are now taking over my every day thinking. My wife is now saying, "Did you just Paddi me?"

Our business family are currently reading the book and while there are mixed feelings at the moment and I know that it will take time, there are signs that our people are starting to change.

Last week, for the first time, I decided to give a client a gift and some business cards and bravely reached across to put the cards in my hand. Before she realised what I was doing, the client (her name is Karen and she is an actress) said to me, "I have really enjoyed this treatment and I know a lot of friends that would love to be able to have this done." It was as though we were thinking the same thing at the same time. It was then that I really saw the value of helping our clients help us for our own mutual self interest. It felt good for both of us.

At the end of the session I asked Lisa my Nurse (soon to become Care Nurse) what she felt about how the session went; she said it felt good. Lisa is starting to suggest things that our team can do to create Critical Non Essentials. We are less stressed and definitely happier, for me this is profit enough.

I would be very grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks to Paddi (I hope he does not mind me calling him by his first name but I feel I am starting to know him as a friend!) and all at Solutions Press.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Robert Slater
South Birmingham Orthodontics

From Charles in Bristol, UK...

Thanks again for putting on paper what I always felt to be true but could not express. The book has influenced us all and I think you may well hear from a few more of our friends both dental and non-dental.

We are starting to fine tune our Courtesy System to the visible benefit of our whole team (clients, labs & ourselves). I still think that No.2 is the hardest, but it has made us always look for the positive in people and to think before we speak.


Charles Stephanakis
Broadway Dental Health Clinic

From Pam in Spokane, Washington...

I'm associated with an accounting firm where I lead the consulting division. I have had the great pleasure of presenting your story to many of my clients.

I have given over 30 copies of your book to clients and friends and am a strong proponent of your courtesy standards.

Thank you from an appreciative wife, consultant and fan!

Pam DeCounter
Spokane Washington, USA

From Lewis in Atlanta, Georgia...

I have found Paddi's publications very interesting as they convey stories that allow me to communicate better with my staff my philosophy of practice. Paddi's observations have helped me to provide examples and define how and what we are trying to achieve with our patients to may staff members.


Lewis L Brown, DDS PA
Altlanta, Georgia

From Kevin in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

Thank you very much for sending me Paddi's book. It's been a massive influence on my professional life.

Since reading it, I have set up my own dental practice. Armed with insights on attention to detail, systems and common sense old fashioned courtesy from the book, I made my practice a Private one rather than the NHS right from the start.

We started from a zero patient base, and without exception every colleague advised me not to do it! However I was confident having read Paddi's book that people would be willing to pay a bit extra for exceptional service and surroundings.

Almost one year on we have over 500 clients who I hope enjoy visiting us, and I and my two support staff thoroughly enjoy our work. It has injected me with a renewed enthusiasm for dentistry.

Please pass on my thanks to Paddi for writing this book!

Dr Kevin McKelvey
Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

From Earl Smith in the United States...

I have read all the materials and they are great! I have re-read everything twice. (Some say I'm a slow learner!) I can't wait to start applying these concepts.

Tell Paddi he did an extraordinary job.

Health, happiness & success,

Earl Smith
United States

From Amanda in Australia...

The books arrived. It felt like a gift! The packaging is a great idea!

I am as impressed with Paddi's other work as I was with his first book. It is how he delivers the message that is his greatest strength. I believe the hardest thing to do in information or education is to find the way of deliver that 'turns the light on' for the audience.

Thank you,

Amanda Thomsen

From Wendy in Australia...

I am amazed that the small introduction of the Courtesy System in our Physiotherapy business could make people feel so safe and happy at work!

The 'energy' is right even when I am away now. Fantastic!

We are all keen to grow our business organically, just constant little delights that grow to become great big Super-dooper_CNe's!

The client numbers are already increasing, and the team are more relaxed and happy, all because we have the gentle structure of the system in place. Work feels great again.

Thanks Paddi and team,

Wendy Schulze

From Jol in Launceston, Tasmania...

I recently bought your book, Building the Happiness Centred Business. I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it immensely.

These were just some of the things I liked:

  • You admit to weakness. I can relate to that!

  • You don't so much give advice as tell your story. The good thing about this is that some of your solutions are less important for my situation, but your non-threatening tone means that I can extend from what you do to think up parallel solutions for me.

  • You keep it simple - in prose and scope. Unlike some of our US friends who have PhD's in success and write a book like a thesis which will solve problems you never knew you had, you stick to the everyday, simple things which we can change.

My wife and I run a small business. your book had an immediate effect on us both. We immediately started to change things, and build and extend from your ideas. We have even applied some of the ideas within our family.

All the best,

Jol Parslow
Launceston Tasmania, Australia

From Glen in Toowoomba, Queensland...

Paddi's book was first mentioned to me on ABC Radio when two marketing gurus fielding questions from callers told me about the book. A few weeks later a client came to see me and told me she had hear about Paddi and his book at a lecture seminar. Samantha sent one of your referral cards and I contacted you very soon afterwards.

I am not very enthusiastic about reading books, but I commenced reading Paddi's book and did not want to stop.

I went to work the next morning with a decided spring in my step and an eagerness to be kind and pleasant to my co-workers and our patients. If nothing else, this book as re-invigorated my enthusiasm for dentistry more than any continuing education course I have attended.

Everyone in dentistry would have known for a long time that:

  1. Some patients will only bring unhappiness to themselves and ourselves when they visit our practice;
  2. Our staff are more important to us than our patients;
  3. To speak about patients as if they were present would make us more respectful of them;
  4. Each of us having respect and consideration for our co-workers is essential to a good work environment;
  5. You will make more money if you are happy.

Thank you for facilitating my copy of the book. Your 'little package' is in the top drawer of my desk. It always brings a smile to my face everytime I see it.

Would you please convey my thanks to Paddi for having written his book. This is clearly a book I cannot dismiss. Paddi's thoughts will continue with me for a long time.

My fondest best wishes for the continued distribution of Paddi's book.

Glen Ivers
Toowoomba, Queensland

From Bob in the UK...

Just a note to say thanks for the 'Welcome Book Construction Kit'. It has helped me put a format and the finishing touches to what I wanted to create. It is very clever and something I would not have perfected without your help.

It arrived on Friday and I have nearly finished the first draft already!


Bob Harper
United Kingdom

From Barbara & David in Inverness, Scotland...

Paddi's book was read from cover to cover by both of us within a couple of days.

We had already been vaguely thinking of setting up an exclusive private practice by extending our home, but this book has given us so much food for thought and confidence that we are now going for it.

We've had the plans drawn up and we're waiting to see if the town planners will give us permission. If they give us the nod, we'll sell the big practice in town and go nice and small giving both ourselves and our customers the happiness we really know we can have and give.

Kind regards,

Barbara & David Naisby
Inverness, Scotland

From Robin in Cheltenham, UK...

I am enjoying the book.

Amazing coincidence! I now have a little office in the centre of Cheltenham, and was exploring the area, saw a dentist's sign, then the word 'happiness', and thought hello, this looks familiar!

So I went in and said, "Are you building a happiness-centred business?" in a sort of jokey kind of way...

And they ARE!

Two relatively young guys, read the book, went to Paddi's seminar in London, and are really into it!!!

Anyway, it got me going to the dentist again, and they did a nice job.

Kind regards,

Robin Noakes
Ergo Consulting
Cheltenham, United Kingdom

From Stephen in Florida, USA...

Finished the book, just haven't used the chainsaw at the front desk ..... yet!

I have been moving my practice in the same direction. It is good to hear from someone that is ahead of me. I am sure that I will implement even more changes in my office. Thanks!

I will continue to recommend your books to others and practice the philosophy. We are transitioning to an invitation only practice, with great success.

I enjoy work now more than ever.

Stephen Blank
Port St Lucie
Florida, USA

From Peter in Radlett, UK...

For many years I've been unhappy with the barriers we've put up between ourselves and our patients. On reflection, this was indoctrinated at dental school and earlier by my parents working class background.

I've enjoyed reading Paddi's book. It's light and informative. I can see a bit of Omer Reed's receptionist-less practice in his book, which I'm about to introduce. I've also started to implement the Courtesy System by example. The staff have not read Paddi's book so I am able to initiate this change without them knowing. I'm please to see how they've changed their attitudes and become more friendly without formal rules being discussed.

I can identify well with PS6 - Blame a System, not a person. This was a great confirmation about how I felt about many of the things that go wrong in one's working day.

If there is a short fall in the book, it is in PS8 - Use positive conversation. I feel that most dentists have great problems here and that Paddi should have expanded this section more.

In essence, I feel that Mark Twain expressed what Paddi has achieved in this quotation - 'The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.'

Yours faithfully,

Peter Tatton
Family Dental Practice
Radlett, United Kingdom

From Thomas Walker DMD in the United States...


Thank you for the recent article. It is nice to know there are others out there that have intergrated the philosophy of "weeding out" undesirable patients that only contribute to stess in your life.

I have initiated a modified system such as this and found it to be very rewarding. The only exception I make to my system is that I will see anyone that is in pain and treat the acute cause. Sometimes this brings more referrals for extractions than I really wish to see but if you don't relieve pain on a needed basis then you can't call yourself a doctor.

(Editors Note: Paddi too sees anyone in acute pain or discomfort, it just doesn't happen that often any more.)

Thank you again for your update and I can see why Dr. Paddi's system works with such nice support staff such as you.

Have a great day and keep me on your list.

Thomas Walker,D.M.D.