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Top Benefits You'll Enjoy with Paddi's Best Ideas

Here are the eleven most relevent benefits you can gain from Paddi's publications:

  1. How to increase your profit - with simple tools for enjoying your work more.
  2. Find out how to make a "Referral-Only" business that is easy to run, fun and rewarding.
  3. Learn how Paddi's analysis of human behaviour produced systems that lead to predictable results - time and time again.
  4. See how many businesses similar to yours have achieved success - not by imitating the expensive advertising methods of the industry goliaths - but by using simple methods to build trust with their customers.
  5. Discover how to give your customers little extra services that cost little but impress them no end so they shout your story from the rooftops.
  6. Learn how to make simple, effective systems that make sure your business runs like clockwork - whether you are there or not,
  7. Why you should (and exactly how you can) encourage genuine friendship between your team-members and their customers.
  8. Stop selling! How to have customers who ask to buy your products - time and time again.
  9. Avoid the hassles of costly training by having long-term team-members who serve you loyally for years and years.
  10. How to develop a deep service culture that makes sure your team-people always wow your customers - even in situations that are not covered by the manual.
  11. Use the power of a new business vocabulary to help make your customers feel privileged to do business with you.
Plus, here are additional benefits that you'll realise as you implement more and more of the ideas from Paddi's publications.

  • How to build a small committed team that will always out-perform the giants.
  • How to help your customers you don't like to find another business to patronize (ie fire them!) ... and have them thank you for it!
  • Stop selling: how to have customers who ask to buy your products - time and time again.
  • Simple and effective ways to let your customers know what you have to offer them.
  • How "long-term, big-picture vision will give you more wealth and satisfaction.
  • Why you should alway keep it simple when you are building your environment. More expensive is not always more profitable.
  • How perceived exclusivity increases customer loyalty.
  • Why exclusivity is sometimes only a matter of the way you think about your business and what you want it to be.
  • How the "little things" are so important in generating and maintaining a top-of-the-line repeat business.
  • How constructing and maintaining your positioning can take away the fears and risks of running a business.
  • Increase your profits by making friends with your competitors and suppliers - your suppliers can be huge sources of business for you, too.
  • Why words, as insignificant as they may seem, have monumental impact on your business.
  • Why it's important to build a position around a team member rather than trying change a person.
  • Why how you feel at the beginning of the day often dictates the feeling for the team.
  • How to develop systems that make the day-to-day running of your business go like clock-work.
  • How to identify the important parts of a system that usually contribute to its workability.
  • Why Happiness is often overlooked and under-rated in it's importance to your business sucess.
  • Help your team to build the systems in your business and watch them become dedicated to it's success as well as watch the pressure lift off you to perform.
  • Why your sphere of influence should blossom to encompass nurturing personal development. Why you should help your team to grow into cultured, fulfilled and prosperous individuals - and watch their dedication to your business grow exponentially.
  • A simple system for organizing team meetings thats concise yet and where everyone is attentive and committed.
  • How to multiply sales by nurturing the bonds of trust between your customers and your business team.
  • How to promote productive business friendships as opposed to wasteful chatter sessions by teaching your team how to identify the two.
  • See why you must focus on the little details in particular because they create such a lasting impression.
  • Learn how to make referrals in your business easy, fun and rewarding for your clients.
  • Change the way you look at your business. Learn how to see it as a source of friendship and satisfaction, not not a drag on your life..
  • Discover the the magical business-building ingredient that you you always knew existed - and it cost nothing at all!
  • Find out how simple human systems can produce amazing results forthe people in your buiness.
  • How to create the image for your business that you have always wanted.

To learn more about the the best systems that Paddi employs to bring all of the benefits above, read how the Happiness & Profit Series of publications are packaged for greatest value...