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About Us

Who We Are and Our Lovely Corner of the World.

Solutions Press is a small business publishing house in Capalaba, Queensland, Australia.

We want Solutions Press to boldly embody some of the characteristics that make Australia a wonderful place to be: a mild irreverence for authority, a tendency to question current social norms, and the ability to place friendship and community above monetary success.

Our Business Family

We called ourselves a business 'family' instead of a 'team' because we wanted to work in a fun, friendly, family atmosphere, and we felt that this name would encourage the right feelings in us. We want to build a relationship with members of our extended business family that are based upon friendship, openness, truth and honesty. Please allow us to introduce you to the members of our Business Family.

Our Beginning

We found our beginning with what some consider the crazy Dentist here in Capalaba, Dr Paddi Lund. Paddi has some remarkable ideas for business but is far from crazy!

Paddi found himself in front of a few business audiences here in Australia, and after sharing the story of his journey to happiness in business, Paddi was encouraged to write Building the Happiness Centred Business. Paddi's first book, Building the Happiness Centred Business, was published in late 1994.

What We Stand For

We made Solutions Press because we wanted to have the enjoyment of creating a business that would help to improve the world in some small way. Our objective is to help people in business to enjoy more success, to be happier, and to make a greater contribution to society.

We believe this is possible through the avenue of business where we all seem to spend so much of our lives. We saw that the general business environment is increasingly the place where people gain their spiritual, intellectual, and moral values. So we want to create publications for people in business that will help them become more fulfilled in life and learn how to increase their own happiness as well as that of their customers and suppliers.

The principles in Paddi's book, Building the Happiness Centred Business, are the perfect example. We liked these ideas and have adopted many of them for ourselves.