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More on Dr Paddi Lund

Dr Paddi Lund has built, as one business expert described it, the most unusual business on the planet. Most people are impressed with the effectiveness of his business ideas, and are intrigued by Paddi's rather different character.

In this section you can take a little peak behind the scenes at Paddi's practice to learn more about how he runs his business.

Take a Practice Tour to see pictures of Paddi's building, his "Big Lounge" with a cappucino machine and fresh baked dental buns (no more stuffy waiting rooms) and his "Personal Lounge" where his patients are taken once they have been let in the locked front door. (Hint: look for all the ways Paddi makes the Personal Lounge his clients own personal space where they feel fully at home and in control ... which really helps build trust and pave the way to happy buying decisions.)

If you're a Dentist, you might be interested in seeing Paddi's Floor Plan and how he manages to fit four Personal Lounges into his office space that correspond to his four surgeries.

Often we hear questions about Paddi's leadership and management style -- how does he manage to keep it all together with his team. Learn how Paddi's Leadership Style is a mix of different characters, or hats Paddi wears, that are most effective in particular situations.

And finally, if you were walking around Paddi's practice enjoying the Baroque music and hot fresh cup of tea in Royal Doulton fine bone china, you would see many original paintings on the walls and possibly admire them for fine works of art. They are all painted by Paddi's rather extraordinaryily gifted mum, Elizabeth Lund, and are all presented here in the Art Gallery for your enjoyment.

Enjoy your sojourn into Paddi's happy little world.