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Basic Paddi Package

Paddi's most popular publications outlining his Six Core Concepts that will change the way you think about your business forever...

AUD $197.00
Six of Paddi's most popular books for extra value ... PLUS Audio & Video Presentations!
The Basic Paddi Package eBooks include Paddi's first three books plus his three Advanced Manuals detailing the six core systems that make his business so extraordinary (without much effort from himself).

These digital e-books and Advanced Manuals will show you how Paddi achieved his success, what principles you'll need to understand in order to successfully implement Paddi's systems, and what you can expect to happen along the way.

With this collection of stories, lessons, tips and tricks, Paddi hopes to help you to experience the same pleasure in business that he enjoys on a regular basis.

The Basic Paddi Package eBooks of Dr Paddi Lund's publications includes ...

Three of Paddi's most popular books
  • Building the Happiness Centred Business - Paddi's first book where he realises the power of enjoyment in business and the dramatic effect standards for inter-personal communication can have on an organisation. (a value of AUD $29.95)
  • The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials - How to create amazing experiences through particular attention to detail in 100 different things. (a value of AUD $29.95)
  • Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force -- Once you've really impressed your customers with a brilliant experience, how to harness that goodwill through the power of a referral system that will bring droves of your ideal customers right to your door ... without you having to lift a finger! (a value of AUD $29.95)
I found all the literature very interesting and eye opening as to how old fashioned values, when applied to business, can bring happiness and financial rewards.

I'd unwittingly used some principles before, but now have begun fine tuning them and really harnessing their effectiveness.

Dr Harminder Sian
-- NSW, Australia

Three Advanced Manuals
  • Training Customers to Treasure Your Business - AUD $29.95 - How to focus on Education, not just advertising or marketing alone, with the right customers so that they are excited to buy your best products and services without you or your team having to do any selling.
  • Simply Stunning Customer Service - AUD $29.95 - How to create systems for customer care that blow your customers away yet can be managed by any team member in your business.
  • The Secret of Customers Who Love to Pay - AUD $29.95 - How to handle financial transactions in a way that your customers will really enjoy and will leave them eager to do business with you again.

And as a gift with our compliments, we'll gift you the following publications as part of the Basic Paddi Package eBooks...

  • Complete Paddi Video Story On-Line video - over 5hrs! (AUD $167.00)
  • The Original Paddi Story On-Line audio (AUD $44.95)
  • Courtesy System Action Poster for printing in your office (AUD $9.95)

A value of over AUD $350.00 for just ... Total AUD $197.00

This Basic Paddi Package eBooks is our best selling selection of publications. It's a great way to learn about all the truly original and unique ways that Paddi has redefined what it means to be in a service oriented business.

Basic Paddi Pack - All Digital Edition

AUD $197.00


  • Building the Happiness-Centred Business - Digital E-Book
(normally AUD $29.95)
  • The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials - Digital E-Book
(normally AUD $29.95)
  • Mobilising Your Customer Sales Force - Digital E-Book
(normally AUD $29.95)
  • Training Customers to Treasure Your Business - Digital E-Book
(normally AUD $29.95)
  • Secret World of Customers Who Love to Pay - Digital E-Book
  • Simply Stunning Customer Service - Digital E-Book
(normally AUD $29.95)
  • Complete Paddi Story On-Line Video
- over 5hrs of insights on-line! (normally AUD $167.00)
  • Original Paddi Story On-Line Audio
(normally AUD $44.95)

All available to download NOW so you can start on the material immediately!
Perfect for your PC, mobile device or reader. (PDF files only)

A value of over AUD $375.00 for just AUD $197.00!