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Help Us Trumpet Paddi's Story to the World

Paddi's story of enjoyment, customer service and systems in business really should be, as one avid reader described, "Trumpeted to the World".

Paddi's publications aren't available in bookstores. That means the only way people hear about them is from friends and colleagues who have been inspired by the story. We hope that you have enjoyed Paddi's story in as much as you will help spread the word and tell your friends about it.

Please be sure to tell your friends the only place to find Paddi's books is at

In that regard, to help make sharing the story easy...

  1. Referral Cards There are referral cards in the back of each book that you can pass on to colleagues and friends - be sure to tell them why you liked the book and that they can only get a copy at our website.
  2. Articles From time to time Loretta will send you e-mails of articles of Paddi that you might find interesting - do feel free to forward those e-mails to friends, or indeed team members.
  3. Paddi Pages If you've subscribed to the Paddi Pages newsletter, please feel free to forward those and encourage others to subscribe.
  4. Link to our Site If you have a website and would like to add a reference to Paddi, you can do so below.
  5. Become an Affiliate If you are a business coach or are in an information business, you might like to recommend Paddi's story on an affiliate basis. If so, please apply to become a Commercial Advocate today.

Adding a Link on your Website

Please feel free to tell Paddi's story in your own words, or even to describe the parts of Paddi's story that really inspired you.

If you'd like simply to intrigue people with Paddi's unusual story, we'd suggest using one of our new embeddable HTML blocks: Simply copy and paste the code into your webpages!

Thanks so much for your interest in Paddi's story and for helping us to share it with the world. We just love hearing how Paddi's message of enjoyment in business (as well as profits) has changed people's lives.