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Share the story of Paddi and the CNe's

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After Paddi's released his revolutionary first book, Building the Happiness-Centred Business, he began to turn his attention to how customers judge a business.

In Paddi's business the little things make all the difference. The actual quality of dentistry really doesn't have much impact Paddi could do his dentistry a variety of ways and most people wouldn't really know what quality of care they've had.

And yet Paddi's customers do have the perception that the quality of dentistry is high, extremely high. Why?
  • Because the tea is served impeccably,
  • Because their names and their photographs are actually on the door of their personal lounges.
  • Because theyre greeted by name by their own Care Nurse when they ring the doorbell.
  • You can get a preview of how they will appear by clicking the thumbnails on the right.

These are Paddi's Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials: the little things really do make all the difference.


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