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Our Partners in the Media

Paddi's story has appeared in quite a few news and media pubications over the years. It's an interesting tale that attracts attention in how different to convention Paddi's business really is.

We can help you tell Paddi's story with access to materials plus occasionally even interviews with Paddi if it will help you to tell a better story. All that we ask is that you,

  • Protect the integrity of Paddi's message and allow us to review your text for that purpose,
And that you,
  • Mention this website ( in your text so that interested readers can find Paddi's books (as they aren't widely available in any bookshops).

In addition before you read much further, take a note to...

Read Paddi's Top 10 most popular ideas to help you learn what's important.

Access Additional Paddi Resources like photos, articles, audio and video to help you research and tell your story here.

The Most Unusual Business on the Planet

That's how one business expert describes Paddi's business. And let's face it, Dr Paddi Lund...

  • Pulled down all his signs,
  • Locked his front door,
  • Sawed up his reception desk,
  • Fired half his customers
  • Took his name out of the phone book,
  • Changed the name of his business to Patrick Lund Dental Happiness!
Yet now
  • Works 22 hours per week, earns 2 times as much money and loves going to work!

It's a crazy idea, particularly that a DENTIST of all people could be so outrageous. But that's why it's proved such a good story for so many years.

If you're a business journalist, there's a lot of depth to Paddi's story beyond the above. Look closely through the material in the rest of this site for ideas for follow up stories in areas like Paddi's Critical Non-Essentials, his popularised idea of the ABCD's of customer segmentation, his "Welcome Book" customer education system, and his "By Invitation Only" system for making referrals a privilege.