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Publishers Commentary
I have a dual role here at Solutions Press. I enjoy bringing these stories and publications to the world. However I also LOVE getting my hands dirty consulting with business teams.

I've had the opportunity to implement Paddi's Communication Tools on a number of occasions. Every single time the results have been amazing - HUGE increases in productivity, enjoyment and profits.

These Communication Tools are disarmingly simple, yet they are remarkably effective and really will help to enhance the very culture of your business in dramatic ways.

Fletcher Potanin

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Rugby World Cup Winning Coach says, Paddi's ideas significantly influenced his management approach to England Rugby, Paddi's book is the only business book he's read twice.

Learn how it shaped his Winning Mindset...

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Paddi's first and most popular book...

Building the Happiness-Centred Business

How you can find happiness in your business and reap all the rewards that it brings (including increased profits).

Imagine members of your team saying how nice it is to work with you, what a wonderful environment it is, and saying that after they've been with you for years. Sound too good to be true? Well, you can read all about how Paddi made a happy environment for his Team through a system for communication in his first book, Building the Happiness Centred Business.

Paddi's Frustrating Problem
Infighting, bickering and feuding eroding productivity

Paddi's Creative Solution
A System for internal team communication standards to reduce tensions and improve emotional rewards.

If this is the first you've learned of Paddi and his systems for business (you may even have a referral card from a friend), then this book is a great way to see how Paddi's ideas fit with you.

Paddi explains exactly why enjoyment at work is important to your business success. Paddi also details his remarkable set of communication Performance Standards that,

  • Build tight, efficient, service-driven teams,
  • Promote a strong systems focus,
  • Lead to long-term teams and the exponential benefits that acrue as a result.

I've just put down the book and I have to tell you, it's the most applicable business book I've ever read.

Of all the marketing, business, human resources books I have, this one goes to the root of success: The company's team members all of them.

Alejandra Barrientos
Xel-He Park
Riviera Maya, Mexico

This is the book (and business philosophy) from which the rest of The Paddi Series stems, and it's the book that has been our best-seller for several years now. It appeals to people in all areas of business, from the top managers to the people on the floor.

Thinking Differently with Dr Paddi Lund

Take a minute to ask yourself these important questions...

  • Do people in your business, that is, team members, customers AND SUPPLIERS stay a long time with your business?

  • Do they complain constantly about conditions, hours, money, standards of service?

  • Do they smile and laugh a lot?

  • Do your people talk to each other in a friendly way?

  • When you ask people about each other are their comments complimentary?

What you have been reading are some questions from an "audit on happiness" in a business. Now you may be excused for asking, what has happiness got to do with running a business.

Well, it has a LOT to do with it. Not only whether you ENJOY going to your business, but "happiness" in your business reflects on the bottom line.

Now Dr Paddi Lund has put together the definitive guide on HOW to create a "happiness centred business" that is fun, enjoyable, and profitable.

Dr Paddi Lund is a master at Thinking Differently about the conventional norms that govern most businesses and industries. Paddi is known around the world as the dentist who,

  • Ripped up his front reception desk with a chainsaw,
  • Fired his "C" and "D" clients,
  • Built his surgery around a kitchen so you'd smell fresh baking instead of dental smells,
  • AND now works half the hours earning double the income.

And now Paddi has documented his system and journey towards "Building the Happiness Centred Business. It is an exciting new story of more enjoyment, higher profits and increased performance.

I've just finished reading your book, "Building the Happiness Centred Business". I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's one of the most refreshing and original books I've ever read. I got a lot out of it. Thank you very much for making the effort to write.

Mark Thurston
Perth, Western Australia

Where's the profit in Happiness?

Paddi's logic is simple:

"Customers enjoy dealing with business where the team members are happy. Where they speak affectionately about each other (as well as other clients) and don't complain about pay and conditions. Customers usually don't buy because the product is better or cheaper, but because they enjoy the people in the business."

Paddi's book is far more than you'd expect. It has a very clear articulation of the things he's done that set him apart, which have created his "Unique Selling Proposition".

It also has some clear lessons on "Leadership", "Team Building", "Management" - even marketing!

Pick up a copy of Building the Happiness Centred Business for you and your team today. It could quite possibly change your business life forever!

Happiness-Centred Business - E-Book

AUD $29.95

An enhanced electronic version with increased interactive functionality for those who want to read the story NOW.

This version is always the most up-to-date and includes any of Paddi's recent thoughts and innovations.

You will have immediate on-line access to download at your convenience as soon as you have finalised your order.