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Simply Stunning Customer Service

Ordinary people delivering extra-ordinary levels of customer care ... and you're choreographing the customer experience.

How Dr Paddi Lund quickly builds profitable long-term customer relationships - with fewer people, less effort and amazing levels of customer service - using a CarePerson System that anyone can implement.

Business as a Stage and You're the Producer/Director

Walt Disney told his people they were going "on stage" when they went out into the crowd at Disney World. Whether they were cleaners, guides or strolling entertainers, they were all part of a production.

Everyone - your customers included - is in search of a great piece of theatre. What we all want is a rich emotional experience.

And you can give your customers a level of service and caring that will tweak their emotions just as does a good movie or stage production.

To provide stunning service is hard, but a lot easier than you might think, once you realise that we are all creatures of emotion. It is our feelings that are important far more than facts.

What is Great Service?

Customers don't always know exactly what it was that caused the feeling that they experienced: "great service". Most managers don't know, either. So often is the scenario, and in so many words, where managers tell their front-line people to: "Give great service." But without a little more knowledge that can be a really a very difficult task!

Paddi is not alone in that he has considered over many years what really makes "great service". This area has been the subject of many business books. However, where Paddi has gone further than most is with this question: "Why do people perform tasks of such great service?" And by extension: "Just how do you persuade people to give this level of service?

Why do people who only work for wages perform acts of great service and exactly how to make them happen on a regular basis is in great part what this book is about.

Most managers certainly are in search of "great service" from their people, but most customers are just looking for a warm personal human interaction. Service performance is important but customers feelings are far more so.

Feelings Are More Important than Fact

Stunning Service is all about Paddi's system to optimise Care-for-Customers and motivate people to deliver a simply stunning level of service that make your customers feel important.

You will read about Paddi's systems to help everyone in your team work together to provide incredible service ... because they get pleasure from doing just that - not just because someone is standing over them.

Customers want a great memory and a great story to tell their friends. It is sensible for us, as service providers, to give the experience for which they are looking. So long as you provide them with a little magic, your customers will feel wonderful about you.

Simply Stunning Customer Service - E-Book

AUD $29.95

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