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What's in the Welcome Book

Paddi makes more money working less time. He works more efficiently because all of his clients want what he has to offer.

  • He has less down time when at work because everyone shows up for their appointments promptly,
  • He completes jobs more quickly because clients are more co-operative.
  • Paddi only attracts those customers who want what he has to offer.

All of these things combined help to make Paddi's business life more enjoyable, profitable and efficient.

For Paddi, it is the Welcome Book that make all of the above possible and creates the apparent ease with which Paddi's customers now seem to buy his services.

For your interests, you might appreciate a summary of Paddi's Welcome Book. Following are the section headings from the book, as well as the subject titles of Paddi's Extra Information Sheets.

Welcome Book Section Titles

You get a full copy of Paddi's Welcome Book with the Welcome Book Construction Kit.
The Patrick Lund Dental Family
How to Find Us
Our Courtesy System
General Information
Only by Invitation
What we want for you
Making the most of your time
How we make your treatment pleasant
The problem with fillings
Caps are often the answer
Preventative Dentistry
Why we have no front desk
Food and Drinks
How do our fees compare
Health Funds
The hours we work
Unlisted Phone Number
A Bargain we would like to make with you

Plus, in the back of Paddi's Welcome Book there is a section where customers can place any Extra Information Sheets they receive. These Extra Sheets usually relate to procedures clients are either having or are considering.

Special Information

Complete Examination
Inviting Your Friends to See Us
Why We Do Not Itemise Accounts
Caps for Your Teeth
Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
Refinishing Swollen Fillings
Gum Disease
Fissure Sealing
Surface Treatment
Tooth Nerve Troubles
Root Canal Treatment

In fact, a Welcome Book system modelled faithfully on Paddi's is really only ideally suited to a particular type of business ... high margin, service type business, repeat business, average value of $500 or more in the first year, etc.

However it's important to point out that there are many ways to educate customers in business than what Paddi has illustrated. You can apply Paddi's principles of customer education and filtering to your business, no matter what industry you are in, no matter how you do your marketing.

If you would like to learn from Paddi exactly how to create a Welcome Book for your business, as well as acquire a copy of Paddi's Welcome Book to copy and use for yourself (with Paddi's permission, of course), then please learn more here.

Education works best to those with a pressing need or fear

Conventional business wisdom has it that to educate people in your marketing is actually the most expensive approach you can take. And this is true. In terms of cost per customer acquired, particularly with unusual products or services, it is a very costly process to educate the broad mass of potential customers.

However educational marketing to the interested and motivated is perhaps the most efficient form of promotion. And that is exactly what Paddi's style of education in his marketing is all about.

Not many businesses set out to educate their customers. Most people see customers as either good or bad, but not that they can change customers very much. At least most business people don't make a concerted effort to change their customers. However, you can teach people to be better customers, and you can help them to enjoy your business and its people more.