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AUD $197.00
For business owners or managers
Transforming the Experience® Audio Program

Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit!

How to attract and educate a steady stream of ideal clients who readily agree to high-end, $10k+ treatment plans ... in their very first visit to your business!

11 Tracks on audio .mp3 for Immediate Download!

Note: This publication is an audio recording of a rare seminar and workshop presentation by Paddi

Twice the money, half the time ... how does he do it? announced
Dr Paddi Lund as the 7th most influential figure in the UK
and most influential outside England.

Dr Paddi Lund Paddi works only 22 hrs in his single dentist practice.

  • He does no marketing or advertising,
  • Employs no hygienists,
  • Only has only around 750 active patients,
  • And is located in a working class suburb of Brisbane, Australia.

Yet he makes a lot more money than the dentists around him. The reason why can be found in one critical aspect of Paddi's business.

More than three-quarters of Paddi's clients make big money buying decisions in their first visit,

And more than half of them begin major treatment right there and then!

Paddi has discovered a way to find lots of his "ideal customers" who really need and can afford the type of high-end dentistry he likes to offer - rather than working hard to persuade those who have a lesser need or have trouble affording it.

Paddi has set up systems and tools that ensure his customers are comfortably guided to a point where they almost inevitably agree to their work. In this way the amount of time in the normal sales cycle is dramatically shortened - that is, the time between first contact with a new customer and major case acceptance - and at the same time in a manner that has dramatically improved the way customers think and feel about elective dentistry.

So if "selling" is a frustration - and a difficult and lengthy sales process is suffocating your cashflow - then this audio program will help you to see the process of introducing clients to your profession in a whole new light.

Good-bye to traditional "selling"

Paddi's experience shows him that getting your customers to say 'Yes' is, by far, more dependent upon what has happened up to that point than anything you might say in presenting your treatment plan. It's not what you say in your client presentation that matters as much as it's everything your client experiences in your actions that makes the difference.

More important than any sales technique in influencing a customer's buying decision is:

  • A feeling of confidence in your ability and expertise,
  • Trust in your integrity and your wish to do the best for them,
  • Being comfortable, relaxed and in control in the environment you provide,
  • A feeling that they are empowered and so can make decisions,
  • That they've been educated to the benefits and value for money of what you offer,
  • The right people sitting in your office to begin with - those you'd like to treat, want what you have to offer and have money available to pay.

The existence of a process that engenders this position - the right customers with the right feelings towards you and your business - is what separates buying in one visit from the more usual selling in several visits approach.

In the more traditional environment customers often simply aren't ready to buy in their first consultation. If you try, that's when your customer leaves without making a decision saying things like the dreaded, "I'll think about it." Or the equally sabotaging, "I'll have to talk to my husband/wife/uncle/accountant/cat (choose any one) before I can make a decision!"

"You had me at 'Hello'!"

But it doesn't have to be that way. Paddi has built a system that prepares customers to buy long before they sit down with him, even well before they first set foot in his door for their first visit. In Paddi's business, buying dentistry is designed to be practically inevitable from the moment new customers first pick up the phone to say, "Hello!"

In this recording you'll learn about Paddi's 7 Steps to 'Yes' in One Visit as well as the most critical components that you'll want to incorporate in your business so that you, too, can operate more effectively in fewer visits.

During the program you'll discover,
  1. Choosing just the right customers for your style of expertise.
  2. Removing the "exactly this much money" obstacles (and others!) so people buy quickly.
  3. Educating for benefits to ensure customers desire your preferred solutions.
  4. Demonstrating care & concern before you both explore the customer's situation.
  5. Building Status & Trust without boasting and grandstanding.
  6. Giving just enough information to customers (but not too much!)
  7. Using precise words that create flexible solutions and plans
More importantly perhaps than the ideas, in this audio program you'll also learn how to implement these concepts within systems in your business. You'll walk away with a finely honed set of tools as well as a plan for putting them in action so that you can begin moving towards a 'Yes' in One Visit business as soon as you get back to the office.

Systems & Tools to make it consistent and easy

Two of the most important systems that you'll focus on - and the two of Paddi's concepts that play the largest part in 7 Steps to 'Yes' in One Visit - are Paddi's famed Welcome Book and Critical Non-Essentials.

A significant part of the program is devoted to understanding, developing, polishing and crystallising these two vital tools for your business. Paddi, as well as a host of other colleagues and experts, put their businesses (and specifically their techniques for dealing with customers) under the microscope.

Consequently, you'll get more out of this audio program if you read and devour four of Paddi's publications that relate to these 'Yes' in the First Visit Tools.

This audio program is about getting you off the ground and moving towards 'Yes' in One Visit. Hence, the more you understand Paddi's core concepts before you listen, the more time you'll spend on considering the tools and their implementation.

The Inevitable Buying Decision

Imagine that from the moment you first meet a new customer they are predisposed to buying, implicitly trust in your professional opinion and are eager to take action on your recommendations.

Imagine that from the time your new customers first hear about your business they are swept along in a current of automated systems, processes and actions that make it practically inevitable that they will say 'Yes' to buying the products and services you want to offer them - and in addition will give you a heart felt, "Thank-you" after paying their bill.

Well that is how Paddi's system works for him. More than 90% of the customers he asks buy comprehensive treatment in their first visit (and 60% start right then and there)! That's a far cry from the time when only 40% of customers accepted Paddi's comprehensive treatment plans (after 3 or 4 visits), and it often took weeks or months to start the work.

It's no wonder that Paddi now works just 3 days a week, earns far more than ever before and really enjoys his dentistry!

Implementing the ideas, not just talking about them

Listen in to this audio program as Paddi and a team of experts step you through a plan for enhancing the way you build relationships with new clients and lead people to buying decisions quickly, easily and with great appreciation in return.

If you want to know how to create the systems in your business that will help produce similar results to Paddi's - that is, a higher proportion of clients who buy comprehensive treatment in their first visit - then you need to hear what happened at this workshop.

During the 11 tracks of recorded material, Paddi will guide you through the 7 Steps to 'Yes' in One Visit! so that you understand the importance of each one, with a focus on implementing the ideas, not just talking about them.

All Audio Files Transcribed: available now to download and read

Please Note: This publication is an audio recording of a rare seminar and workshop presentation by Paddi. As such, it's not as highly produced as our other publications, and that's reflected in the price. Listen closely, though. The concepts are powerful.

Getting to 'Yes' ... in One Visit! On-line Audio

AUD $197.00

How to attract and educate a steady stream of ideal clients who readily agree to high-end, $10k+ treatment plans ... in their very first visit to your practice! And are happy to get started that very day!

Audio .MP3s of the Transforming the Experience Workshop that you'd normally invest AUD $2645.00 to attend.