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Tailored Authoring Services

Our publisher, Fletcher Potanin, is often asked for help and assistance in bringing business stories to print.

Fletcher's expertise is uncovering, organising, packaging and telling business stories in way that is most relevant to the potential target market of the story.

Below is a brief description of two prominent authors Fletcher has helped. If you feel you have a story worthy of sharing with the world, or indeed are a prominent figure and have been approached by a publishing company to write your story, contact Fletcher Potanin by e-mail to discuss the project.

Dr Paddi Lund
As you've seen on this site, Paddi set out with an ambitious plan, undertaking to write 6 full books and a variety of supporting practical 'how to' publications. Fletcher's role as publisher in producing this material is perhaps obvious. Not often understood is the contribution Fletcher made to the development of Paddi's thoughts and the manner in which he's told his stories. Fletcher and Paddi have spent thousands of hours over more than ten years discussing business philosophies and how the elements of Paddi's business approach are transferrable to other businesses and industries. The full series in it's current form would not be possible without Fletcher's contribution.

Sir Clive Woodward
As you've probably already read, Clive Woodward was a client of Solutions Press and quite a fan of Paddi's story well before he became head coach of England Rugby and eventually went on to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup. That kind of success, of course, brings the kind of notoriety that many conventional publishing houses in the UK were clamoring to bring to print.

Clive very kindly approached Fletcher, over the dozens of well known sports jounalists who would have jumped at the chance, to ask for his help in a way that satisfied four criteria very important to him,
  1. Clive wanted a business book primarily, not just another rugby sports book.
  2. Clive wanted this book to encompass, in a logical and organised way, all the business ideas that he brought to bear in managing England Rugby, and in a way that fully respected, credited and thanked the sources of those ideas.
  3. Clive wanted this book to be Different from anything else on the shelves ... quite in keeping with his huge propensity to be different in his coaching.
  4. In keeping with his highly valued Teamship Rules, Clive was adamant that this book contain absolutely no "tittle tattle" or reference to anything which would make any member of his Team or management squad look bad in any way.

After a huge effort, Winning! - The story of England's rise to World Cup glory was released on September 15th in London to high acclaim, rising to #2 on the Times Best Seller List, and being shortlisted for best sports book of the year.

If you have a publishing opportunity that you feel would financially warrant this level of attention and involvement, write to Fletcher by e-mail to open a dialogue. He's very happy to discuss the opportunites with you.