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In-house workshops and training

If you really resonate with Paddi's ideas and would like to progress them in your organisation beyond what a book or publication can help you do, then you might be interested in exploring how to have Paddi Lund or Fletcher Potanin come to your business to work with your team first hand.

Dr Paddi Lund - Philosophy in Practice

Paddi's genious lies in his ability to inspire people with a practical philosphy of doing business that can dramatically re-orient and reshape how a business team focusses on its operations. If you would like to explore an in-house full team presentation or board-room discussion, please write to Loretta Cohen telling her a little more about your business, your current situation and what you would like to achieve.

Fletcher Potanin - Process in Action

Fletcher's expertise lies in working with the business ideas that underpin Paddi's and others' business success in a way that tailors the strategies and concepts to your industry and business environment.

Fletcher regularly works with clients of Solutions Press and Spirit Training, our sister company set up specifically with implementation in mind, to help inspire and challenge teams to think differently about business and aspire to the level of success that Paddi and a very few others in the world have achieved.

If you would like to arrange for Fletcher to visit with your team, please write to Loretta Cohen and ask how to make that happen.

To read more about the systems and processes Fletcher might use with your team, please visit the Spirit Training website that describes Fletcher's approach in full detail.

From Gary in Bundaberg, Queensland...

Just a short note to let you know how much the Communcation Tools from your training sessions have improved both my home and work life.

First, on the home front, it's been great to have these tools to implement with my family and friends. Both my wife and I have really noticed how the children have started to 'react' to the positive ideas and friendly atmosphere bought about by the Courtesy System.

The major influence, however, has been in the workplace through your workshops with the staff and managers on Dr Paddi's ideas. It has made my job as Human Resources Manager so much easier as I now have a team that look forward to solving 'systems' problems and who encourage each other on a daily basis.

With this system in place, it's hard to imagine how we did so well as a business before these ideas were introduced.

If I were asked to pick one of the Performance Standards that has had the most impact on my life, my answer would be #7 Tell the Truth.

As simple as it sounds, this along with all the standards is more difficult that first appears, however the benefits are enormous both personally and on a professional level, too.

Thank you for introducing me to Dr Paddi's systems. I wish you the best and look forward to our follow up workshops planned for the near future.

Garry Smith
Human Resources Manager
Accross the Waves Sports Club
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia