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In-depth Insights to Your Situation

Consultations with Dr Paddi Lund

Although Paddi is still practising dentistry full time -- a whole 3 days a week! -- he does from time to time take on consulting projects.

In the past, Paddi has worked in-depth over many sessions with...

  • The executive team of a major national bank, both in Australia and the US
  • A high end, exclusive Real Estate firm
  • Like minded dental practitioners
  • Even a dental lab wanting to raise their standards!

Paddi has also visited in his practice with business people of all types, including at one time the head coach of England Rugby!

He also consults by phone with business people - mostly dentists - from all over the world.

Philosophy in Practice

Paddi's strength and skill in consultation can be summed up by 'philosophy in practice'. Paddi has spent years honing and refining his views and philosophies of business - you can read all about them in his publications.

However finding what is 'right' for you can be difficult task - indeed, it took Paddi some 30 years and many heartaches to finally 'discover' it!

Having been down that path, Paddi can help you to discover and decide

  • What is most important in your business.
  • How to best reflect your business philosophies in practice in your business.
  • Which of Paddi's ideas you might adopt, and how, so that they become a useful addition to your own personal approach to business success.

If you would like to learn more about a consultation, in person or by phone, with Dr Paddi Lund please write to Loretta Cohen to open a dialogue and explore the options.

Or to organise a consultation right here and now, click the button below and Loretta Cohen in our office will be in touch to lay the ground work and coordinate a time for your consultation.

One Hour Consultation with Dr Paddi Lund

AUD $989.00

One Hour Consultation with Dr Paddi Lund, by phone or in person.

How to adopt Paddi's best ideas in a way that is congruent with who you are and your approach to business.